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EZ Weddings in Paradise
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Where will you say “I do”? The question was popped, the answer an excited “Yes!”, and so you start planning you’re happily-ever-after wedding! Will you marry in your home town, surrounded by all your family and friends? Or, do you have your heart set on a destination wedding in a tropical setting, perhaps, Key West? Where underneath a palm tree and standing barefooted on a beautiful white sandy beach, you stand together, hand in hand, feeling the warmth of the sun and basking in the warm breeze of the ocean.

How very easy it is to plan such an event. You’ve already started your research and landed on our web site. As you open the pages and see the professional photos of many happy couples, you read together that we offer to you professional photography, video and wedding planning services. How can we help you? Well, with years of experience on this one of a kind beautiful island, we will listen to your questions, and offer recommendations to make not only yours but also your guests visit enjoyable and filled with wonderful memories to share for years to come!

Planning a wedding here on the island, from what you’ve seen and heard on our website you realize the whole process of getting married with ceremony and professional photography can take as little as an hour. This gives you the rest of the day to celebrate and enjoy what Key West has to offer our visiting guest from all corners of the globe.

Yes, this lush, tropical island has become such a wonderful destination wedding venue, offering not only beach weddings but also settings such as parks in the historic seaport districts that are shaded with native foliage and a beautiful garden setting in a rustic civil war fort  that have been manicured and beautified  daily by the Key West Garden Club.

Another interesting fact about traveling to Key West is the ease of which to arrive on the island, yes, we are an island totally surrounded by water, but, you can arrive here either by car traveling down scenic highway US 1, or via cruise ship as we have 3 ports here on the island, there is also a ferry that travels from the Fort Myers area to Key West on a daily basis, and also there are many who arrive via air travel as yes, we do have an airport here on the island.

What about places to stay? Why yes, the island offers much in the way of lodging, with the ever popular hotel/resort atmosphere, as well as the cozy, quaint, and unique inns, guesthouses, and bed and breakfast establishments. The selection is varied and priced for any budget.

Just remember in planning your wedding, honeymoon, vacation here on the island, eventually, you’ll return to your home to start your newly created happily ever after with suntans, souvenirs, memories, but, plan on those wedding memories to be captured by professional means, by those familiar with the area, and lighting situations special to the area, and experience to capture not only the photos but the emotions surrounding this once in a lifetime event in your lives. So again, we ask: “How can we help you?” Take a moment, give us a call toll-free at 866-296-0088, or text 305-923-0168, and find out! 

Happy Key West Bridal Couples

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