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EZ Weddings in Paradise
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Providing Complete Wedding Packages for
Key West & the Florida Keys!

You’re getting married? Well Congratulations! Planning a destination wedding?
Want the ultimate in Stress-free? You’ve come to the right web site! Our mantra is
“Stress-free destination weddings begin with EZ-EZ Weddings In Paradise!”

A warm and heartfelt welcome we extend to you and your beloved! And, we thank you for visiting us for your Key West wedding! Our tropical island paradise has become such a beautiful destination wedding location! Why you ask? There a couple of great reasons:

  • The ease of getting to the island! Automobile, Motorcycle,  Air, Cruise Ship port and Ferry! Take your pick, as it is so easy to get here from any location!
  • We’re still in the United States, you don’t need a passport! And most of all, non-residents can get their license at the courthouse and there is no waiting period. So go to the courthouse, obtain the marriage license, a process that will take you about 15 minutes, walk out of the courthouse with the document in hand, go to the beach, take off your flip-flops, sink your toes in the sand, hold hands with your loved one and say your
    “I do’s”.
  • Great photos are taken on the beach! The island offers the most beautiful white sandy beach with lush green tropical palm trees! Walk along the shoreline, hand in hand and get those romantic images you’ve been seeing in online and in also those destination wedding magazines, yeah, you know the ones we’re talking about. Don’t want a wedding on the beach? We have other tropical locations as well!
  • Here’s an idea, have friends and family who won’t be able to attend? How about a romantic mini-movie of the two of you to share with them when you go back home and have your celebration for all to attend? We offer a fully edited video, with many special effects! Yes, they will feel as if they were there, as they will hear all the audio of the ceremony with you repeating your wedding vows, and the other high-lights of your special event. Why they might even feel the warmth of the sun on their skin, and the breezes off the ocean like you did as they enjoy seeing this once in a lifetime event!

 Above tells you why you should come to Key West for your wedding, but, you may ask why should you choose us to provide your wedding services?  As you open the pages and see the professional photos of many happy couples, you read together that we offer to you professional photography, video and wedding planning services. How can we help you?
Well, with years of experience on this one of a kind beautiful island, we will listen to your questions, and offer recommendations to make not only yours but also your guests visit enjoyable and filled with wonderful memories to share for years to come!

Planning a wedding here on the island, from what you’ve seen and heard on our website you realize the whole process of getting married with ceremony and professional photography can take as little as an hour. This gives you the rest of the day to celebrate and enjoy what Key West has to offer our visiting guest from all corners of the globe.

Here’s a little bit about us:

Peter Estenoz, president of Peter Estenoz Photography, Inc., loves doing wedding photography here on the island of Key West, Florida, and in the Florida Keys!  He was born and raised here and is a 4th generation Key West native, who knows the island’s beauty and how to capture it for your memories.  His wedding photography experience is as varied as the couples who have hired him.  Peter’s way of thinking is this: All couples in love are beautiful! He shares your vision of your fairytale wedding and knows how important it is to you to capture your day with breath taking photography. He sees how beautiful weddings are and through his photography–you will see that beauty captured. He has never tired of taking wedding pictures, as every wedding is different, whether it is a wedding on the beach, for a couple eloping, or a planned event with both ceremony and reception coverage, and guest numbering into the hundreds.

 Sharon Estenoz, has been in the wedding business for over 18 years, on the island of Key West. Experienced in various aspects of wedding planning, she offers to couples her experience with what she has seen at other weddings and events, and listens to the visions each couple has for their special day! A professional videographer who creates for the couple in love a romantic mini-movie of the two of them, so they can return to the island and relive the day they were united in marriage. An incurable romantic, who fully edits videos, taking care to deliver to the couple a memory to share with family and friends who weren’t able to attend, giving them the opportunity to “be there as it happens”.

Sharon is warm, meticulous and considerate in the planning and performance of weddings. Sharon is ready to extend to you the same level of commitment to you in planning your Key West wedding.

So again, we ask: “How can we help you?”
Take a moment, give us a call toll-free at 866-296-0088, or text 305-923-0168, and find out! 

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