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“I’m just saying.” You’ve heard the phrase how many times? It’s like the final words on anything, a “take-my-word-for-it” saying to kind of seal the deal. So we thought we’d use it too, to talk about having your wedding in Key West.

OK, Key West, have you been there? Maybe so, maybe not, but, you’ve heard of it no doubt, either through personal visits to the island, or friends and family who have been there. Think of their response when you asked them “what was it like?” Hear first hand from us about this quaint tropical island that we call home. In conversations with bridal couples, we’re the first to ask when called, “where are you calling from?” of course it’s always somewhere up north, as we find that when the weather is changing “up north” to cooler, and folks are more or less dreaming of warm sunshine, sandy beaches and palm trees, well you know, any excuse to call Key West is better than none. So they call, to hear someone on the other end of the telephone line whose teeth aren’t chattering, and who will be glad to tell you what the weather in Key West is today, and every day!

Then they get around the actual purpose of the call, they have always dreamed of getting married on the beach, barefooted, standing hand-in-hand in the shade of a palm tree, surrounded by, warm tropical breezes, and saying their “I do’s”, and that’s what we do! In providing our beach wedding packages for any size group, offering to you “Northerner’s” an escape, a way to make your dream a reality, and the beauty of it? We’re still in the United States, a Caribbean island, in the United States! Why do we mention this? Well, this brings us to another topic, the marriage license, some countries, have certain requirements that have to be met before a couple can get married there, We’re in the state of Florida, which is good, for a couple of reasons, 1) plenty of sunshine, sand, and palm trees, 2) no waiting period for non-residents to marry, 3) no blood test required, 4) no witnesses required. We’ve already talked about the first reason, with the second  of no waiting period, lets discuss the process of obtaining the license: you can apply and obtain the license anywhere in the state of Florida and use it anywhere, it will be good for 60 days after you get it. Process takes about 15 minutes, yes, with a valid state issued identification such as a driver’s license or passport, something with  a photo on it, and the amount of $93.50 cash or check, you can apply, obtain, and walk out of the courthouse with document in hand!

This  further explains reason number 3, no blood test required! But what about number 4? No witnesses required? Yes, in fact, you’d be surprised as to the number of couples who have tired of the process of planning a big wedding back home, trying to please everyone else but themselves, and on a Google search decide to enter the key word phrase, “Elope in Key West” just to see how easy it is to get married in Key West! And they make arrangements, come to the island, in what you northerner’s call the Winter Season, stand barefooted on our beautiful white sandy beach underneath a palm tree, say their “I do’s”, get professional photography, video  taken to capture the event, then honeymoon, get suntan, and return home to celebrate with friends and family how they got married in beautiful sunny Key West Florida…. “We’re just saying!” 

How can we help you? as we also offer professional wedding planning services. All packages come with a Free Private Online album with musical slideshow for friends and family to view.

Take a moment, give us a call toll-free at 866-296-0088, or text 305-923-0168, and find out!

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